Product Info LUMiSpoc®

The LUMiSpoc® is a highly advanced single particle analysis system, similar to a flow cytometer, that measures particle size distribution and particle concentration of nano- and microparticles in suspensions and emulsions with an unparalleled resolution and dynamic range.

The instrument uses the  Single Particle Light-Scattering Technology®, a technology which records light that is scattered into into forward and sideward directions by single nano- and micro particles while passing a laser beam of a special beam cross-section.

It enables you to get a deep insight into complex nano- and submicro-particulate systems, which helps you to design tailored particles and dispersions.

LUMiSpoc® - the new standard in nano particle counting.

Application Areas
  • Particle counting and size determination

  • Number concentration determination

  • Direct determination of the number-based particle size distribution of nano- and microparticles

  • Classification of nanomaterials

  • Recording of agglomeration & flocculation kinetics

  • Determination of distribution tails

  • Particle contamination detection

  • Separation membrane & filter medium testing, cut-off determination

  • Dispersions of: CMP slurries, carbon black, pigments, filler, pharmaceutical emulsions & suspensions, reference & smart particles, biological cells, viruses,...

  • Very high resolution of monomodal, multimodal & polydisperse size distributions
  • extremely high classification
  • high counting rate (high-frequency digitisation, pulse analysis & classification)
  • Large dynamic range (particle sizes from 40 nm - 8 µm) without range switching or component changes
  • Short measurement time
  • Easy operation (measurement, rinsing)
  • Small sample volume
  • Touch display with embedded PC & server/browser based software
  • One-point calibration by reference particles