MRS-Technology - fast and accurate product property evaluation

Each product has its own optical fingerprint. The MRS-Technology (multi reflectance spectroscopy) analyses these fingerprints by sending light of a very broad wave length into a product. The light interacts with scattering, reflecting and fluorescing components into the sample. Thereby, the light changes its intensity and these changes are measured. With a product specific calibration, the product properties can be determined, e.g. fat content in milk or dry matter in ketchup.


The MRS-Technology is very fast and accurate. With less than 20 seconds (less than 8 seconds in the Inline system), precise information about the production process or the product quality can be received.


The MRS-Technology uses light from UV to NIR. The light intensity is measured in four different angles, thus giving about 100 different measurement signals. These signals are corelated with a multi-linear approach to the sample properties.